RGB Module Connections & Controls
The NV_RGB_X Video Interface is capable of both single video and dual video modes of operation. For dual video mode, the optional remote control pad is recommended for switching between the video inputs on the module.
Installation With Plug And Play Factory Harness
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Retro Olds / Cadillac Air Cleaner

Our all new, all steel, retro air cleaner is based on the style and dimensions of the 1951-56 Oldsmobile and Cadillac air cleaners. This exciting new product will look at home in any street rod, hot rod, or traditionally styled “period perfect” car.
Measuring a whopping 18-1/4” wide, our air cleaner is no wimpy, scaled-down version of this classic design. This new air cleaner has the same external dimensions as the original Oldsmobile oil-bath part. However, our version uses an Read the rest of this entry »

BMW Quick Start Installation (for Dual-plugged heads and non-stock ignition advance, models 1981-1995 with factory electronic ignition systems, see the full Installation & Troubleshooting Guide).
1. Open black box (part #1), set dip switches according to sticker (part #10). Apply sticker to top.
2. Attach black box (part #1) to aluminum plate (part #5) with bolts and washers (parts #11).
3. On 1970-78 models, remove mechanical advance unit. For 1979-1980 models, remove bean can.
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Required Tools
- Heli-Arc welder (or MIG welder)
- 5mm hex key and
- emery paper.
CAUTION: Installation of this product should only be attempted by an experienced welder!
NOTE: Please review Figures A-E for reference before beginning the installation of the Airhead Side Braces, and refer back to the figures during the installation process.
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1. Place the motorcycle on its centerstand on level ground and lift the front seat. Remove the (2) bolts that hold the rear seat in place with a 5mm Allen wrench. Remove the seat and set it aside.
2. Lift the trunk lid and have your assistant hold it open, Remove the screw that hold the retractable cord in place and let the cord retract into its reel. CAUTION: DO NOT LET THE LID FALL FORWARD, DAMAGE MAY OCCUR.
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The only items you need to complete this installation are a flat-head screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver, and a T15 and T20 torx driver. Also an expired credit card or similar (see step 1) is required. Note that this installation is done on an E90 LCI. The installation is similar for non LCI vehicles, depending on whether you have a button strip for heated seats, PDC, etc. PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS WHOLE INSTRUCTION GUIDE TO UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS AND TO SEE WHERE THE INSTRUCTIONS DIFFER FOR VEHICLES WITH THIS STRIP.
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A unit designed to provide integration of your vehicle’s built in mobile phone capabilities and your Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone. This kit is designed to make Bluetooth available in your car quick and easy! Simply find the phone connector in your car, plug the unit in, plug in the mic if your vehicle doesn’t already have one and your done!
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BMW Sirius Receiver Installation Guide

This installation guide is intended to supplement the BMW Installation Instructions to help you with the installation of the BMW Sirius Receiver for X5 (E53) with Navigation. I opted for the Terk SIR3 Low-Profile Magnetic Mount antenna and mounted it in the spoiler. As a result, this guide will not cover the installation of the BMW Sirius Satellite Antenna and you should follow the instructions supplied with the BMW Sirius Satellite Antenna Kit if you decide to go that route. I found no Read the rest of this entry »

CAN Bus owners are encouraged to install a Fuse Block with ignition switched relay to simplify installation and operation of all electrical accessories. Hyper-Lites and other accessories can be installed on the fuse block with no interference to the CAN Bus system.
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Audi Chorus & Concert Service Manual

For the process of handling the LEDs while they are supplied with their operating voltage and not covered by their respective filters or diffuser screens, the following instructions must be observed:
1. Repairs and function checks may be carried out with protection glasses only.
The used glass material must have a UV- or sun ray protection filter (e. g. UVEX sportstyle 9186 088).
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