Removal of air intake plenum:
First of all, the task at hand is really easier than it appears. The only thing is… it takes time. If you know nothing about cars or what things are under the hood, I suggest you take a look at figure 18 and see if this is comprehendible to you. If it is and you have the tools and feel comfortable, please proceed. If not, I suggest you find a qualified mechanic instead of doing it yourself. The plenum itself is actually very easy to unbolt, only 13 bolts & nuts hold it in place. (fig. 19) What makes it complicated is all the other stuff you have to unbolt and move out of the way so your plenum is free to completely flip up and give you full access to the sparkplugs.
To make things easier, after you unbolt the item and move it out of the way, always put the bolts back into that socket when you can. This way, there is less bolts to remember where they should go. For the other bolts that you have to remove, place them on an unfolded newspaper relative to the position of the plenum. Just picture the center of the newspaper as your plenum and place the bolts onto the newspaper in the same relative position to help you remember where they go later.
Let me give you some general information first so you will get a better picture of what we are attempting to do and what it is that we are moving out of the way for our ultimate task. Yes we are attempting to move the plenum out of the way, but there are some things that are attached to the plenum we really don’t have to worry about. (fig. 6 & 7) These things will stay connected and moved together with the plenum as one piece. They are the throttle body, throttle cable adjustment bracket, all EGR vacuum hoses and valves. I will be referring to the 22 pictures below throughout the instructions.


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